Our Projects

LAHF is a charity providing affordable housing for low income families.

Vision SoHo, Our Current Project

Vision SoHo will see the old Victoria Hospital in London transformed into over 650 units. This housing facility will have a mix of both ‘market rate’ tenants and up to 60% of affordable housing units.  Many cities have used this strategy for affordable housing units, which has proved extremely successful.

On October 14, 2022, we broke ground and construction on the underground parking began shortly after. The goal is to be completed by 2024.  LAHF will be responsible for 75 of the 650 units. 79% will be affordable and geared toward people with lower or modest incomes. Your donation will help with the construction of these units.

Old Victoria Hospital

Raised To Date

Our Current Fundraising Target is $1.5 million.

Recent contributions will not reflect immediately in this report; however, they will be added to our regular site updates. We are incredibly grateful for every dollar given to our foundation and endeavour to provide transparency for you, our donation partners

  • Percentage of target reached 68% 68%

Our Projects

We have three buildings in the city of London with a combined 74 units for lower income individuals, 9 of which are accessible. We continue to look for opportunities to help the community to help mitigate the current housing crisis.

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Past Donor Recognition

Sisters of St. Joseph
MIM Wealth
Rotary Club London
Gray Ridge