Our History

Providing affordable rentals to Londoners since 2004.


Vision SoHo
Vision SOHO

Presently we are working with 5 other non-profits in an alliance called Vision SoHo. The land was formally a part of the Victoria Hospital complex. LAHF will build 75 units of which 50% or more will rent at 70% or 80% of median market rent. The whole development will add over 600 units of much needed new housing. https://youtube.com/watch?v=DHE3jaliEnA

Nightingale Place
Nightingale Place

Completed project on Dundas Street is Nightingale Place. A 41 single bedroom apartment building of which 9 are fully accessible.

Huron Pines Co-Op

LAHF contributed financial support to Huron Pines Co-Op facilitating their ability to provide four accessible units.

Gethsemane Gardens
Gethsemane Gardens

A three-storey, 25-unit apartment building geared towards low-income seniors. G Completed and fully occupied in September 2013. The building features four fully accessible units for residents with disabilities. Rents for all units are set below the market average. 1461 Huron St. London.

Sunningdale Townhomes
Savannah Road

The first project was Sunningdale Townhomes to help young single parent families. Completed in 2007, Savannah Drive, London.

licensed charity

Applied for and received corporate and charitable status.

London Affordable Housing Foundation

London Affordable Housing Foundation (LAHF) came into existence to address a growing affordable housing need for individuals and families with limited resources.

Common Questions

When was London Affordable Housing established?

LAHF was established in 2001 and received its charitable status in 2004. The first housing unit was completed in 2007.

What percentage of my donation is going directly to a project?

As an organization, LAHF has not relied upon paid staff members.  We lean on our Board of Directors, allowing us to designate your generous donations directly to our projects.  We are passionate about improving the lives of lower-income people in our community. Having a "working" Board assures you that your funds are being allocated where you have directed them.

When is Vision SOHO expected to be completed?

The Vision SOHO project is expected to be completed by 2024. The project broke ground in October 2022 and is on track to be completed in the next three years. The fast turnaround is essential in helping address the growing housing crisis in London Ontario.

Where can I find upcoming community meetings for Vision SOHO?

Updates on the Vision SoHo project and any other LAHF projects will be announced on our media page.

Do you have statistics on homelessness in London?

The current wait list for affordable housing in London Ontario is upwards of 7,000 individuals and families.

Where do I go for housing?

If you are in need of affordable housing, please visit the City of London affordable housing page.